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Energetic Drivers (EDs) & More on ED3 Cell Driver

NES Basic Information 
Interpreting the bars on the NES readout:
Clear - normal function
Green - typical day-to-day variation
Yellow - Some loss of integrity
Orange - Of concern, correction recommended
Purple - Poor integrity, correction highly recommended

POLARITY -  If the integrity of this field is compromised and it tends towards a positive charge there will likely be significant disruption to the quantum fields. It is quite difficult for the body to correct distortions and make positive changes unless polarity is normalized. 
Emotional blocks, stress, electromagnetic disturbances of all kinds, air travel, geopathic stress, toxins, and chronic illness, all correlate to polarity issues. 

MAGNETIC POLAR AXIS - The magnetic polar axis is generated by the magnetic poles of the earth. 
Misalignment is associated with the body's processes of creating and distributing heat. May result in hot and cold regions randomly located about the body.

EQUATORIAL AXIS - This axis is placed at 90 degrees to the Earth's North-South
magnetic polar axis and represents the spin of the Earth. Misalignment of this axis may reduce the body's ability to absorb the right trace minerals from food. 
Metabolic diseases can be associated with misalignment of this axis. Oxidation and anti-oxidation process may be affected. The liver and the large bowel processes may also be affected. 

VERTICAL AXIS - The vertical axis is generated by gravity. Misalignment can be associated with long-term effects of geopathic stress (subterranean water ways, mineral deposits or caves). Misalignment can be associated with slight variations in gravity from place to place. Linked with functional problems of the nervous system, and can affect sleep patterns. Linked to noticeable health variances depending on whether person is upright or lying down.

DAY - All life forms on earth must be able to store energy, which is taken from the environment in which they live. Our bodies are adapted to the environmental changes between day and night and the  presence or absence of sunlight. At these times our cells utilize different mechanisms to store and produce energy. During the day we use sunlight as the most important energy source, which includes infrared, visible and UV light. At night time, in the dark and cold, our cells use stored energy from fats to produce heat in the form of infrared light. Both energies, sunlight and heat, are used by the body to charge water at the hydrophilic surfaces of proteins and cell membranes. The water in our cells and the matrix surrounding them, becomes like a liquid crystal, able to store energy in the cell much like a battery. 

NIGHT - All life forms on earth must be able to store energy, which is taken from the environment in which they live. Our bodies are adapted to the environmental changes between day and night and the presence or absence of sunlight. At these times our cells utilize different mechanisms to store and produce energy.  At night time, in the dark and cold, our cells use stored energy from fats to produce heat in the form of infrared light. 


Energetic Drivers power the human body-field.  If the Energetic Drivers are under-functioning there can be a corresponding lack of function in the body process.

(ED-1) Energy aka Source  - Master Driver - energizes all other drivers.  Source can be considered  as the primary catalyst for all chemical and energetic activities in the body. It forms a basic resource for all our energy. It is the vital essence that gives life. Source is formed from the vital "paramagnetic" confetti contained within the cavities of the body. Impetus for maintaining, healing, and connecting body function. Important for relieving fatigue from detoxification and healing reactions. Source is depleted by chronic illness, physical and mental exhaustion, poor breathing, stress, toxic exposure, and malnutrition. 

(ED-2)  IMPRINTER Driver- Primary driver for information transfer. Ensures information transfer to all cells of the body. Helps maintain correct body metabolism through its link to endoplasmic reticulum (protein & lipid synthesis, cell detoxing)

(ED-3) CELL Driver- Primary driver for body metabolism - Field is generated by mitochondria(energy centres of cells). Field is damaged by toxins in cells. Related to lung function. Good for geopathic stress.

(ED-4) NERVE Driver - Primary driver for nervous system function. Creates fields that transfer information in the body. Promotes calm, aids sleep. Harmonizes brain wave production, rebalancing whole nervous system.

(ED-5) CIRCULATION Driver- Primary driver for blood health and circulation. Maintains blood health, especially red blood cells. Healthy performance of arterial system. Transfer of oxygen, waste products, nutrients, hormones, and information. Maintains circulation nerve plexus.

(ED-6) HEART Driver - Primary driver for heart and emotions. Confluence of three major body systems: nervous, circulatory, and respiratory. Maintaining heart activity. Linked with midbrain, visual and auditory acuity. Decision making processes, identity, clarity, self-confidence, and mental integration.

ED-7) LUNG Driver - Primary driver for respiration and energy movement in the body. Initiates movement of energy body-wide; related to growth, development. Maintains lung function, and free breathing, metabolism through correct exchange of gasses, and oxygen level in lungs. Combats viral susceptibility.

(ED-8) STOMACH Driver- Primary driver for digestive function. Related to whole process of digestion and assimilation of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, fats, and protein. Detoxes stomach. Helps fields of mental functions, and increases muscle stamina.

ED-9) MUSCLE Driver - Primary driver for muscular activity.  Field is generated by muscle contractions. Field is disturbed by muscular and physical movement problems. Maintains muscular function generally, including metabolic waste excretion. Ensures availability of calcium and magnesium to muscles. Aids muscle growth and repair.

(ED-10) SKIN Driver - Primary driver for skin function. Field is generated by movement across skin by respiration and excretion. Also includes mucous membranes of lung and bowel. Repairs and regeneration of skin. Connects with muscle functions.

(ED-11) LIVER Driver - Primary driver for hepatic (liver) function. Field is generated by multiple liver functions. Field is damaged by toxins. Correction supports cells, functions, blood clotting, lymphatic regulation, detoxing enzymes and body ph.

ED-12) KIDNEY Driver - Primary driver for renal and adrenal function. Supports kidney function, fluid metabolism, blood pressure regulation, physical stamina, and sanity.

(ED-13) IMMUNITY Drive - Primary driver for anti-body and non-specific resistance immunity. Field is generated from bone marrow production of immune cells.

(ED-14) SPLEEN Driver - Primary driver for specific immunity.  Aids the formation of long-term antibodies. Aids resistance to moulds, parasites, allergic responses.

(ED-15) PANCREAS Driver - Primary driver for digestive enzymes and blood sugar regulation.  Maintains pancreatic function. Field is susceptible to damage by environmental toxins.

(ED-16) BONE Driver - Primary driver for bone and calcium metabolism. Affects calcium metabolism. Assists bone growth and repair. Correction detoxes heavy metal from bones and muscles. Restores appetite.

More Info about Cell Driver ED3

ED3 Cell Driver

So what do we know already about ED3? 

First ED3 is a very important part of the Human Body Field (HBF) and thus the ED3 Infoceutical is one of the most important correctors of the HBF. When ED3 shows up in a scan as a high priority reading (orange or purple) or continuously shows up in follow-on scans even as a lower priority (like yellow), it demands attention. ED3 may indicate an energetic distortion correlated to inflammatory processes in the joints, or an energetic distortion correlated to additional growth of cells or tissues in the body. 

This Infoceutical is important because of the connection between ED3 and several building blocks of our cells including the cell membrane, the nucleus and the centrosome. The latter consists of microtubules which are also involved at many stages of the healing cycle, but primarily in this context linked with reproduction. With this connection to the centrosome and the nucleus in mind, it’s easy to understand that ED3 might have a strong relation to any kind of growth and thus to the morphic field which itself controls growth and integrity of tissues. So ED3 might be an indicator, for an energetic distortion in the cell growth cycle.. So don’t panic when it shows up, but keep it in mind.

A lack of the ED3 component of the HBF may be the cause of tiredness, because cells are not able to provide as much energy as they would need due to impaired mitochondrial capacity.    



ED3 is characterized through three syndromes, i.e. combinations of HBF factors which may change the meaning of a high reading of ED3 and therefore may require a combination of Infoceuticals for HBF correction. The syndromes are only considered as existing if they show up in several consecutive scans. So please check for the same patterns in previous scans before using these protocols    

Syndrome I: Geopathic Stress

The first syndrome has to do with a very special type of stress: geopathic stress. When you are living above underground water vessels or caves you experience a higher irradiation of energetic turbulences. The same happens in case of living on  nodes or lines of the Hartmann and Curry grids, energetic lines surrounding the planet. 

There are several theories about geopathic stress and its medical implications (see 
http://www.geomancygroup.org/geopathic%20stress/richard_gs_01.htm). Homeopaths know about the resonance to Phosphorus and Silicea, in the NES scan we can relate to the Vertical Axis (in the BFA section) to the Gravity/Electromagnetic Field Variances (displayed in ENV screen as the first upper left bar). So when you detect a pattern of consecutive combinations of Vertical Axis, EMF and ED3 you may consider the client as being influenced by geopathic stress.      

But how do we get rid of it? There are some possibilities to be taken into account.

It was not until the beginning of the 20th century that mankind was so constantly exposed to technical electromagnetic fields. Since then we are facing an increasing number of fields of different frequency bands with more or less dangerous implication on the body. The new Wi-Fi carrier frequencies around 2.5 and 5 GHz are considered to cause damage on a cellular level because they match the resonance frequency bands of cellular particles. This is where we reach the limits of traditional medicine, because in former times there was no such thing as permanent exposure to EMF and consequently therapists didn’t develop treatments against the threads of EMF. Traditional medicine doesn’t even have proven answers to rising questions of how to deal with EMF. There is an urgent need for research to find protective measures, over generations mankind will naturally get adapted to these environmental changes, but why not protect the existing population right now?

Syndrome II: Changes of Skin, Cells and Immune System

When changes in skin, cells or parts of the immune system occur we may coincidentally find high readings in ED3, ED13 and ED14. Given that this pattern shows up in consecutive scans we may consider severe imbalances to have occurred in our protective skin and immune systems, causing growth, weakness or failure. At the same time changes of cells (structure, vitality and metabolism) may occur. Once again, only when the pattern is found in consecutive scans may this give reason for potential concern and regular inspections of the skin might be useful. In follow-up scans we not only have to check for ED3, ED13 and ED14, but also for ES1, ES5 and sometimes ED10. Do you remember the general driver to address skin issues? No, it’s not ED10, it’s ED6!


Syndrome III: Malfunction of Cholestorol and Calcium Metabolism

The third syndrome deals with the metabolism of cholesterol and lipids with the Golgi apparatus of the cells being involved. It also deals with the calcium metabolism within skeletal muscles, and thus shows a relation with ED9, EI3 and ES7. First and foremost there is a link to ED2.  Although mostly thought of as one of the five major indicators and correcting assistants in heart-brain-conflicts, ED2 plays an important role as a detoxifier on a cellular level. ED2 is addressing the smooth endoplasmic reticulum and that is why it is so important in this aspect of metabolism within muscles. If ED2 and ED9 show up together in consecutive scans and no ED6 or EI2 being involved, please consider cellular detox problems as being the reason. 

Regarding lipid metabolism there is a link between ED2, ED3 and ES6. As far as foreign information (e.g. through vaccination) is concerned, there is a link to ES1 and ES5. Both connections will be discussed in the Infoceutical News and future webinars dealing with Energetic Stars.


Additional Information about ED3

ED3 as one of the major detoxifiers should be checked for repetitive high readings in cases of reported tiredness. “Tiredness is the cry of the liver” holistic therapists keep saying, and the overload of the liver may impact ED3 as well, as the cellular metabolism might be involved. 

By the way: did you know that ED3 is a major component of the quartet known as the “Ignorant’s Cocktail”? The combination consists of ED3, ED8, ED9 and ED16 and should NOT to be used in the same protocol, unless you want to convince an ignorant person of the effectiveness of Infoceuticals. This person will testify their effect, but afterwards will probably not want to become your client!

In addition there is a link between ED3 and the deletion of substances deriving from oxidative stress. ED3 is correlated to the proper function and availability of antioxidants. If there are – again, only when shown in consecutive scans - high readings in the oxidative stress panel (the “Antioxidants” part of the Nutrition Screen) along with high ED3 readings you may think of distorted antioxidant regulation. People suffering from this condition very often are tired, complain about a lack of concentration, reduced stamina and excessive yet not really refreshing sleep. 


ED3 is one of the most important components of the HBF as it is involved in many different aspects. High readings of ED3 not only implicate the need to think about using the Infoceutical ED3 for HBF correction, at the same time we have to look for specific patterns to indicate major problems of sub-systems of our body. ED3 is a perfect indicator for major imbalances in the entire system of the body.



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