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Energetic Integrators (EIs)
Although the concept of the Energetic Drivers is fairly easy to comprehend as the driver fields mainly refer to the energetic aspect of the most important organs, the Energetic Integrators are a little more challenging to understand.

A useful way to view their role is to use the analogy of an orchestra. Think of the Drivers as the energetic activity of the individual players and instruments dynamically generating the sounds. The Integrators are more like the auditorium and space in which the orchestra is playing. The acoustic qualities of the auditorium has a profound influence on the way the music is experienced by the listener. Poor quality acoustics can ruin a good orchestras efforts, however good acoustics WILL NOT make a bad orchestra sound good.

Imagine the twelve integrators forming a static enclosure for the body field. Disturbances in the Integrators will lead to distortions in the way the energies of the drivers are integrated into rhythmical body activities.

Just as sound may be distorted by a "bad" auditorium, so distortions in the Integrators can disturb the effect of the drivers' activity. This understanding points out why each Integrator links to so many apparently unrelated body parts and activities. Making a single change to the acoustic environment will have an effect on many qualities of sound, not just how one instrument sounds, and this is the same with the Energetic Integrators.

EI-1 - Neurosensory-Large Intestine meridian - Nervous system, cranial nerves and sensory receptors, large intestine function and mineral absorption.

EI-2 - Heart-Lung meridian - Cardiac tissue and hear function. Lung physiology and heart-lung interaction. Embryonic germinal layers.

EI-3 - Mucous-Small Intestine meridian - Small intestines; organs and meridian. Calcium metabolism. Vertebral segments or motor units. Mucous membranes of the gut, nose, throat, lungs, etc. Skin.

EI-4 - Neurotransmitters-Heart meridian - Triple cavities: head, chest, and pelvis. Neurotransmitters and midbrain. Uterus and ovaries. Audio acuity learning.

EI-5 - Lymphatics-Bladder meridian - Lymph: drainage, nodes and lymphocytes. Hormones: adrenals, pituitary, thyroid. Musculoskeletal: spine, disc integrity, and spinal nerves. Bladder. Male genitalia including prostate.

EI-6 - Kidney meridian- Kidney organ and kidney meridian. Acid-Alkaline or pH regulation. Pineal gland and precursor hormones (DHEA). Neurological tissue (white matter) Tubes of the body.

EI-7 - Blood Field-Gall Bladder meridian - Blood cell production. Blood pressure regulation. Immune activation, T and NK cells. Upper GI digestion, gall bladder function. Motor neurons and grey matter function.

EI-8 - Microbes-Liver meridian - microbial disease. Vision; eye conditions. Hormone components, including estrogens.

EI-9 - Thyroid-Triple Warmer meridian - Thyroid gland and thyroid function. Body cavities, places of zero point energy accumulation. Links the three primary cavities. All mucous membranes.

EI-10 - Circulation-Heart Protector meridian - Circulatory system: arterial and venous. Neuroendocrine regulation. Motor, visual, and auditory regulation (midbrain). Anti-inflammatory effects.

EI-11 - Bone Marrow-Stomach meridian - Stomach and digestion. Harbours heavy metals, Bone marrow, Male sexual system.

EI-12 - Shock-Spleen meridian - Collapse, shock exhaustion. Digestive function, digestive enzymes, Pancreas: sugar metabolism. Toxic effects of radiation and radioactive substances.

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